Collaborative Inquiry Component

by | Feb 23, 2017 |

Description of the collaborative inquiry component of the INCLUDES Student Exchange.

1. What is the purpose?

• “It’s your experience; you should be involved in researching it!”

Research on experiences of underrepresentation is often conducted ‘on students’ by others. In this project, you are not only involved but get to drive the research.

• “Overcoming issues of underrepresentation is a two-way street”

To address the persistent issues of underrepresentation we can learn a lot about ways to support students to better prepare them for success. But the institution, its structures, and culture also need to change to some extent to enable students’ success.

• “You can be an anthropologist in your own life”

This experience gives you the chance to investigate some of the big issues around underrepresentation you experience during your exchange together with other students and with the help of an experienced facilitator.

2. What will it look like? What will you do?

• “Together we will engage in repeated cycles of observation, reflection and action”

You will observe your own experiences, keep a record, and reflect on them. We will meet regularly as a group, share experiences, and make sense of them.

• “You will learn about other work in the context of underrepresentation and apply it”

We will encounter readings about prior research or theory that can help us understand challenges of underrepresentation and you will observe what these thing mean to you in your own experience.

• “We will have something to say about the issue!”

Using our own experiences and what we learn from other work we will develop insights and recommendations that can make a difference to how issues of underrepresentation are handled at universities. You will share these insights with relevant decision makers.

3. What can you expect to get out of participating?

• “Reflection is a key tool for success”

There is a lot of research that demonstrates how reflective skills can be developed and help you to be successful in school and other areas of your life.

• “You will have a community to share and explore your experiences”

Being in a different environment can be exciting and challenging. Both experiences are better when you have others to share, debrief, and make sense of them.

• “Participating in research is a big plus for your CV”

Participating in a research project like this is a great preparation for working independently in a job or can be the first stepping stone towards graduate school.